2012 Annual Conference

Who should attend?

Consumer protection leaders from federal, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, elected officials, religious organizations, legal aid organizations, educators.

Conference Highlights:

  • Scams Targeting Military Servicemembers: Abusive for-profit schools, payday loans, phony job offers, debt collections
  • Consumer Privacy Online:  Mobile banking, smart meters, ID theft
  • Real Estate Fraud and Issues: Mortgage fraud, loan mods, foreclosures
  • Free Legal Aid: Representation, consultation, advice 
  • Debt Collections: Abuse, investigation, prosecution, victim assistance
  • Immigration Fraud: Frauds, victim assistance, resources
  • Student Debt: Defaults, collections, for-profit schools
  • Health Care Fraud and Issues: Affordable Health Care Act, harmful products, benefits fraud
  • Investment Scams: Affinity crimes, phony securities, Ponzy scams
  • Higher Education’s role in consumer protection
  • “ScamARama” – Roundtable discussion of current and emerging consumer scams and issues:

Check out the Conference Agenda page regularly for the most up-to-date information on workshops, featured speakers, venue and more!

Conference Updates

Pic - Military Servicemembers Workshop
More than 2.2 million service members make up America’s all-volunteer force in the active National Guard and Reserve forces. Fifty-five percent of these forces are married. While many military families are thriving, others are facing tough financial and consumer-related hardships. Surveys by the Department of Defense revealed that personal finances are among the most stressful...
Pic - Student Debt
When: Monday, October 29, 11:30 a.m. What: Student Debt: Defaults, Collections, For-Profit Schools Moderator: Pastor Herrera, Jr., Adjunct Professor, CSUN Speakers:
  • Rohit Chopra, Student Loan Ombudsman, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Robin Smith, Attorney, National Consumer Law Center
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • California Private Post-Secondary Education...
Credit Card Trap, Predatory Lending
What: Debt Collections: Abuse, Enforcement, Solutions When: Monday, October 29, 2012, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Moderator*/Speakers:
  • Ann Stahl*, Senior Investigator, Federal Trade Commission
  • Senator Joe Dunn (Ret.), Executive Director, California State Bar
  • Christina Tusan, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission – Western Region
  • Michele Van Gelderen, Supervising Deputy Attorney General, California Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Protection Unit
  • Ted Mermin, Executive Director, Public Good...
Pic - Consumer Privacy
As more and more of business, government, and personal relationships are becoming digital, online and mobile, the challenge of protecting individual privacy is increasing dramatically. Not only do our PCs track us as we surf the web, but our smart phones constantly record our movements in real time in the real world. Our cars, electric...
Pic - ScamOrama
What: Roundtable Discussion of Consumer Frauds and Issues Scam-O-Rama session is a long-standing tradition at the CCAA annual conference.  It provides participants with an opportunity to share their efforts and challenges in responding to current and emerging top consumer frauds and issuees, including investigations, prosecutions, complaint mediation, and strategic projects.  Scam-O-Rama is often the first time many participants find out about emerging consumer...
Since the beginning of the housing and mortgage market meltdown in 2007, California has been struck by a firestorm of mortgage fraud that has impacted desperate homeowners – mostly in the area of foreclosure rescue and purported mortgage relief.  And just like a wildfire, this type of fraud has enveloped entire communities and has been...
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